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Gifts for Dad's Favorite Drink

Gifts for Dad's Favorite Drink

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One man can only wear so many ties in a lifetime, and though we know he'd appreciate it, let's just skip the "Father of the Year" t-shirt this year. Instead, give dad something he really wants -- something to drink! You still have time to order all these -- we made sure. Last hour to order is listed with each item.

Dad likes coffee: If your dad's coffee maker is anything like my dad's, it's seen better days. It still makes decent coffee, but the heating plate is charred; the lid is changing colors from all the steam; and there's a permanent ring in the pot because he's walked off and left the last dregs of coffee to burn into a thick tar. Get dad a new coffee maker this year -- one that can make coffee for him before he wakes up and can shut off automatically when he's been away too long. Try the Bella Dots Programmable Coffee Maker ($44.99, It's modern, sleek, and available in several different colors.Last Day to Buy: Check the shipping options when you check out. It will offer delivery date estimates.

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Dad thinks he is a mixologist: Is dad more of a chemist in the kitchen? Give him glasses worthy of his creations. The Tim Love Double Old Fashioned Glasses ($34.95/set of 4, have a little personality -- see the quote in the bottom of the glass -- but are still sophisticated enough he'd be okay using them with friends.Last Day to Buy: Order by June 13 at noon Eastern.

Dad likes to tend bar: Help him entertain his guests with a bar tender's best friend: the Microplane Stainless-Steel Citrus Bar Tool ($19.95, He can pop the top off a beer or zest an orange peel to finish off an Old Fashioned, all while spouting off sports stats or flipping burgers.Last Day to Buy: Order by June 13 at 9 a.m. Pacific.

Dad likes his whiskey: Besides giving him a bottle of his favorite hooch (or maybe one of our favorite bourbons), give him something worthy of storing and serving such a treasured liquid. The Lauren Ralph Lauren Glen Plaid Decanter is stately but refined.Last Day to Buy: Order by 11:59 Eastern tonight, June 12.

This Monthly Cocktail Kit Is the Best Gift I've Ever Given My Dad

He counts down the days until it arrives on his doorstep.

Dads are arguably the hardest people to shop for on planet Earth. Okay, brothers are tricky, too but usually, sports merchandise or a new video game will tickle their fancy and you can call it good. Fathers, however, seem to live in the camp of "If I want something, I&aposll buy it myself." At least, mine sure does. So, when Dad&aposs Day rolls around each summer, I&aposm consistently stumped on what to buy for a Father&aposs Day gift.

However, for Father&aposs Day 2020 (in the thick of quarantine), I was living with my parents, and I began thinking about what we enjoyed doing together: play shuffleboard build bonfires listen to music and often, during many of those activities, share an alcoholic beverage while we&aposre at it. We had been splitting bottles of pinot noir and cracking open IPA&aposs for months, but I knew that my father, a lover of Manhattans and other dark liquor drinks, missed bellying up at a bar and sipping a fancy cocktail mixed by a bartender. Enter: an at-home cocktail kit.

There are lots of cocktail kit subscriptions out there, all differing in frequency, price, and size. After some googling and review-reading, my sister and I landed on Cocktail Courier. Here&aposs how it works: You select the receiver&aposs alcohol preferences (gin, vodka, whiskey, etc.), choose either "a la carte" (a one-time purchase) or a recurring subscription (I picked monthly for four months), and violà: A box filled with fresh ingredients and the recipe for a unique cocktail will arrive at your doorstep each month, like clockwork.

Plus, Cocktail Courier sends an email to the recipient revealing the next cocktail before sending out the latest kit, so if the drink doesn&apost sound appealing, you can request a different choice.

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The 7 Best Gifts To Round Out Dad&rsquos Home Bar

Whether he&rsquos a budding mixologist or an IPA aficionado, Dad's home bar could always use an upgrade. From sleek cocktail instruments to bespoke bottle openers, a few thoughtful touches can help turn even an empty kitchen corner into Dad&rsquos new favorite happy hour destination. Here are some gift ideas for building a home bar as dapper as the man himself.

At the end of the day, a bar is only as good as what&rsquos being served. Bulleit&rsquos classic bourbon is a distinctive, rye-forward spirit with a long, satiny finish that will impress any bourbon enthusiast. It&rsquos complex enough to enjoy neat or on the rocks, and still makes a superb old-fashioned.

BULLEIT BOURBON Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. 45% Alc/Vol. The Bulleit Distilling Co., Louisville, KY

If Dad doesn&rsquot have the space for a full bar set-up, a stylish bar cart is the next best thing. This portable, 1950&rsquos-inspired version from West Elm keeps the bells and whistles to a minimum, which let's Dad's favorite spirits take center stage.

A durable set of drink coasters will help keep Dad&rsquos home bar&mdashor the coffee table&mdashin ship shape, all while making a statement. And there are as many styles as there are dads in the world: If rugged petrified wood isn&rsquot his thing, try a more traditional antique brass set, or a set made from upcycled quarry slate.

No home bar setup is complete without a trusty toolkit, and this set from CB2 pairs function with a sleek, minimalist style. It includes all the basics required for making a host of classic cocktails, and it&rsquoll look great displayed on the bar until Dad&rsquos ready to use it next. Consider adding the matching shaker to round out the set.

Meehan&rsquos Bartender Manual won a James Beard Award for best beverage book in 2018, and for good reason. Packed with equal parts history and know-how, it's a must-have for any cocktail enthusiast. The vibrant emerald green cover also happens to look great on the shelf.

If Dad&rsquos more of a beer drinker than anything else, chances are his old bottle opener could use an upgrade. These three brass pieces by Japanese designer Futagami could easily be mistaken for art objects or sculptural paperweights, but they&rsquore still remarkably easy to use.

There&rsquos nothing wrong with drinking a cold one straight from the bottle, but a good beer glass can help the fruity and hoppy aromas of Dad&rsquos favorite craft brew really sing. These Italian-made crystal glasses come in a variety of unique shapes, each specifically made for a type of beer. If IPAs aren&rsquot his first choice, try the pilsner, stout, or cider glasses.

The Best Drinks Gifts For Father’s Day

On Dad’s day (and every day), Dad deserves the best. If dad loves whiskey, beer, or wine, these gifts are what he needs (and wants). See our picks of specialty glassware, gadgets, and gifts for the dad who loves drinks below.


The Hero/Rebel Double Rocks Glasses

If Dad is a whiskey-drinking history buff, this set of glasses will be just the thing. Made in partnership with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, each glass represents a founding father. Hero = George Washington, Philosopher = Benjamin Franklin, Diplomat = John Adam, Rebel = Thomas Jefferson. Each glass was made and sand-etched in the United States and, in true American fashion, is dishwasher safe. Each glass holds 14 oz—the perfect size for a negroni or old fashioned.

Geometric Drinks Rocks

Dad, as a seasoned whiskey drinker, likely already knows that you’ve got to be careful with your ice ratio. Too much and it can over dilute your drink, turning a great single-malt into something watery and spineless. But, a bit of water is scientifically proven to improve a lovely dram.

Let Dad control his own dilution with this set of Geometric Drinks Rocks, hewn from marble and soapstone. Each is finished by hand and fits easily into a standard rocks or Old Fashioned glass. With these, you chill down your whiskey and then add as little or as much water as it takes to make your perfect sipping ratio. When these aren’t making Dad’s drink look modern and elegant, they’ll do the same for his bar.

Glacier Whiskey Glass

Another eye-catching way to keep Dad’s whiskey cool: this Glacier Whiskey Glass. Dad can throw it in the freezer to activate the built-in cooling gel, then pull it out whenever he needs a cold glass of whiskey. Holding six ounces, this clear double-walled glass keeps things chilly while looking suave.

Glencairn Whisky Tasting Glasses

If Dad delights in sensory analysis, consulting his whiskey flavor wheel and agonizing over whether the color is pale gold or yellow gold, get him this set of Glencairn Whisky Tasting Glasses, designed by Scotch pros to enhance the drinking experience of any single-malt imbiber.
This lead-free, dishwasher safe set starts out with a solid base—tall enough so Dad’s not warming up his drink with the heat of his hands but stout enough that it’s a proper dram. The tapered mouth keeps sipping simple—not something you find in a typical nosing glass—while keeping the bouquet prominent. The wide bowl keeps the color the star of the visual show. Dad’s nightly Scotch has never looked or tasted better.

Etched Globe Whisky Decanter and Glasses

You could get Dad a globe for his office (classy), but here’s one better—an Etched Globe Whisky Decanter and matching Etched Globe Whiskey Glasses (classy AND practical). What looks like a spinning globe is actually a spinning, removable spirits decanter, complete with a protective cork stopper. The unique design of the etched glass, crafted from lead-free borosilicate glass, is eye-catching and a great way for Dad to see the world in the comfort of his own home.

Beer Cap Maps

Keep track of Dad’s favorite brews with the mountable US Country And State Beer Cap Maps. Available in either the shape of the USA or of Dad’s favorite state, these handmade maps are cut to fit most standard beer caps and will commemorate great times spent enjoying great beer.

Spiegelau IPA Glasses

If Dad’s an IPA lover, get him these beautiful, Crystal IPA Glasses. They were designed with help from master craft brewers to amplify the aromas of his favorite beers and will look stunning on his home bar.

The Expert’s Beer Log

If Dad’s a burgeoning beer expert, help him keep track of his tasting notes with this gorgeous Expert’s Leather Beer Log, made to order from top-grain cowhide in a range of elegant shades.

A favorite of our beer expert, Associate Editor Cat Wolinski, this sturdy log is stunning, yes, but also breaks down the tasting experience into an easy-to-chart format, even prompting for technical details like the production date and how the beer was served. With room for 192 logs, Dad can chronicle his tasting experiences for many brews to come.

Glacier Beer Glass

Dad doesn’t have to be a beer geek to know that warm beer is a bummer. Ensure that Dad’s pint is always frosty with this Glacier Beer Glass, which can be thrown in the freezer until Dad’s ready to drink from it. Thanks to its double-walled design with built-in cooling gel, this clear 16-oz glass will keep Dad’s beer chilly in all seasons. Cheers to cold beer!

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

This Wall Mounted Bottle Opener, made from sturdy wrought iron, is easily mounted to any wall for whenever Dad needs to crack a cold one. The cast iron construction makes it feel like an opener appropriate for John Wayne, and it’s easy open design makes opening Dad’s favorite brew simple.

Wine Breather Decanter

When drinking wine, there’s nothing more important than oxygen to bring out the fullness of its flavors and aromas. When Dad’s in a hurry to enjoy a bottle, he’ll appreciate this lovely lead-free crystal, Wine Breather Decanter, which will aerate his wine in under two minutes. After decanting, the wine can be served directly from the carafe or the original bottle. Any shyness or bitterness will disappear, leaving a wine that’s beautiful and eminently drinkable.

The Cooler Than Cool Wine Glasses

If Dad’s a fan of whites and chillable reds (go Dad!), these Cooler Than Cool glasses will be perfect for his continued enjoyment of his favorite wines at their ideal temperature. Made with BPA-free plastic, the proprietary gel inside the glass keeps wine cool for as long as you’re enjoying it. It also comes with a silicone band for comfortable holding, available in shades of grey, tangerine, smoke, and wood. Dad’s wine will always be ready to go with one of these glasses in the fridge!

Heavyweight Champagne Stopper

A fizzless bottle of bubbly is a killjoy. When you give Dad the restaurant-grade Heavyweight Champagne Stopper, his bubbles will stay alive for as long as he needs them, thanks to sturdy stainless steel construction and a silicone seal.

Adjustable Wine Aerator

If Dad wants wine, give him wine! Rather than waiting, decanting, and waiting some more, he can instead use this Adjustable Wine Aerator to simulate up to six hours of decanting in just minutes. Made with a combination of stainless steel and BPA free plastic, this sleek aerator will have Dad’s young, feisty Barolos and Syrahs ready in no time.

Le Creuset Waiters Corkscrew

Leave the flimsy branded corkscrews and over-the-top wine-opening gadgets to other dads. Your dad deserves the best, which also happens to be the simplest option. The wood Le Creuset Waiters Corkscrew features a patented 2-step system to smoothly open any wine bottle with its non-stick coated screw, serrated foil cutter, and bottle opener. This timeless tool can be admired and used for decades to come.

Stackable Countertop Wine Rack

You certainly can get maximalist with your wine rack. But, Dad deserves something classic, beautiful, and functional like this Stackable Countertop Wine Rack. The genius of this rack is that you purchase it by the shelf—each shelf holding four bottles—and then stack as you wish to accommodate wine collections of any size. It can fit comfortably under a cabinet or on a bookshelf, and its clean black metal finish keeps it low-key stylish for years to come.

Shop it: Kizen Digital Meat Thermometer, $15.95 (was $19.99)

You know that Dad's a stickler about the caring for his car, and cleaning the little corners of a vehicle's interior can present quite the frustrating challenge. Enter the the Worx Car Vacuum Cleaner, a handy handheld device that takes tidiness to the next level. That's why it's earned a spot as a number-one bestseller on Amazon with thousands of five-star reviews.

Dog hair, cookie crumbs, sand, dirt — nothing will stand in the way of this vacuum's suction power. It comes with a 16-foot cord, three precision targeted attachments, and a fully loaded interior car detailing kit housed in an ergonomic design.

This review captures the sentiment among users delighted to give their cars interior a from-the-dealer look: “I like the long hose and crevice tool which allows access to tight areas such as down the side of the seats and Central console. Good stiff brush to work on ingrained bits like pine needles. Very effective filter with handy cleaning brush. Highly recommended.”

Americans are traveling in record numbers this summer. No better way to hit the road than in a nice, clean ride.

5. American Cocktail Club’s Everything Box

Every bartender has to learn somewhere and for the father figure new to bartending, the American Cocktail Club’s Everything Box kit is the perfect introduction to making his own mixed drinks. A fan favorite of the Reviewed team, the cocktail kit ships all the ingredients needed to make four amazing cocktails, directly to the door of the dad in your life. With recipe cards included, this affordable cocktail kit is perfect for anyone looking to hone their bartending skills, without needing to pay for a sitter to have a night out on the town.

7. Candy and chocolate from his favorite city

For the dad who always orders dessert

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You can’t go wrong with chocolate as a gift for anyone with a serious sweet tooth. But instead of delivering just any old bar to your dear old dad, give your gift a travel angle and put together a selection of goodies made in his favorite city. Left his heart in San Francisco? Consider sweets from the likes of Dandelion or Recchiuti . Missing Memphis? Phillip Ashley Chocolates and Shotwell Candy Co. are still shipping. Not sure where to start? Goldbelly has dozens of options from America’s best gourmet chocolate shops and organizes them all by region on its website to make searching easier.

The Greatest Father's Day Gifts for Your Grandpa

Your grandfather is a living legend. After all, he taught you about your family lineage, tells the best stories, showed you how to build and mend everything but especially a home with heart, and shaped you into the person that you are today. Choosing a Father&aposs Day gift for the man who has everything may seem like a tall order, but in actuality, he&aposs easy to please: If he&aposs a hobbyist of time-honored traditions, he&aposll love game boards and model airplanes. A movie night of family videos would make for a delightful surprise especially in the company of his children and grandchildren, and the activity will leave him ready to launch into a tale about the good old days. If he&aposs a gardener, equip him with a set of solid-made tools to dig in the dirt outdoors or deliver a leafy new potted plant for him to nurture indoors. And if he&aposs an unstoppable explorer, an engraved watch will always remind him when it&aposs time to come home again.

Ahead, shop some of our favorite ideas for gifting your grandfather-they&aposre guaranteed to put a smile on his face this Father&aposs Day and be remembered for years to come.

Finding the perfect Father's Day gift can be a challenge, especially if the dads in your life are the type who have everything they need or tend to buy themselves whatever they want. For a gift that comes from your heart and something dad won't expect, go the DIY route by making homemade food gifts that upgrade his breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time.

If you want to gift him something unique that he's guaranteed to love, you'll be pleased to know that we've got some father-approved spins on classic homemade treats. Wouldn't he love a sweet, chocolatey confection like the easy Marshmallow Fudge shown here? Other delicious options include a granola studded with espresso, nuts, and banana chips jam made from caramelized onions and bacon rather than fruit and pickles that can be made with Dad's favorite vegetables. A homemade chocolate chip cookie is something that would make most people's day, so we've included an upgraded twist on that classic—to make it even more celebratory, we threw in bacon and potato chips.

Of course, nothing says "I love you" more than homemade carbs, so we've included some incredibly delicious baked goods. Both our go-to homemade bread and a tomato studded focaccia don't require any kneading, making each a bit easier on the gift giver without sacrificing quality or texture. If you're willing to trade off a bit more work in exchange for a major payoff, make a chocolate- and cinnamon-swirled bread that's guaranteed to wow.

Lastly, we dreamed up ideas that boost Dad's cooking. Help him upgrade any piece of meat with a dollop of mango chutney or douse any savory dish with homemade chile oil, a condiment that has really been in culinary spotlight the past year.

Easy to wrap and pack, these homemade treats show Dad that you put time, thought, and love into the gift selection this year and all are something he can truly savor.

9 Great Gifts for Father's Day

Have you been looking around at Father's Day gifts this year? Does your dad or husband have everything they already need and you are stuck trying to find that needle in the haystack?

Yep, this is my problem. Every year when Father's Day rolls around I try and think of something my dad might want. Usually there isn't much to buy so we go for books or something that has to do with fishing or golf.

While that's all fine and good sometimes I get tired of sending the same old gifts his way. The same thing happens with Mother's Day. I feel like there has to be something new I could get my parents.

So this year I've collected several of my favorite gifts for dads. I'm including a few food gifts because you can't go wrong with food, a beverage or two, some tools for grilling, and a few other gifts you'll want to check out.