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The first time we prepare the countertop:

Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Mix the egg whites with a pinch of salt, then add the sugar, vanilla sugar and mix until the sugar melts and becomes a hard and shiny foam. Add the oil and the yolks and mix well with a spatula. Mix the flour with the baking powder and cocoa and sift it twice. Add over the eggs, stirring gently from top to bottom with a spatula so as not to leave the composition.

Wallpaper a 26 cm diameter tray with butter and flour and bake the top until it passes the toothpick test or comes off easily from the walls of the form in which it baked. Leave it to cool and cut it in 2 horizontally.

For strawberry cream:

Cut the strawberries into cubes, mix them with the sugar and put them on the fire until the sugar melts (be careful not to boil). Put hydrated gelatin in 100 ml of cold water for 5-10 minutes. Mix the strawberries in the food processor until they become a puree and then put them back on the fire for 2-3 minutes. Remove from the heat, add the gelatin and mix well until the gelatin melts. Let cool for a few minutes then add the strawberry puree over the whipped cream (not too hard). Homogenize well and pour the cream into a tray 20 cm in diameter (lined the bottom of the form with foil) Put the cream in the freezer for 2 hours.

For syrup:

Caramelize the sugar then quench it with water and leave it on the fire until the sugar melts completely. Leave to cool and add the liqueur.

For chocolate cream:

Heat the milk with the vanilla sugar. Hydrate the gelatin in 100 ml of cold water for 5-10 minutes. Mix the yolks with the sugar until they double in volume and turn white, then add the hot milk and put the mixture on low heat for 2-3 minutes, then add the broken chocolate pieces and mix continuously until the chocolate melts and the cream thickens slightly. Take the cream off the heat, add the liqueur and gelatin and mix until the gelatin melts. Let the cream cool for 5-10 minutes then add it over the whipped cream (not very hard)


We put part of the top on the plate on which we will serve the cake. We syrup it with 1/2 of the syrup and grease it with 2-3 tablespoons of chocolate cream. Remove the strawberry cream from the freezer and turn it over in the center of the worktop (see photo below). Mount a detachable circle around the countertop (26 cm in diameter) and add the chocolate cream and level well (see photo below). Add the second top that we syrup, cover the cake with foil and put it in the freezer for at least 3 hours. Gently remove the detachable ring, coat the cake in chocolate icing (cooled) and decorate as desired.

Good appetite!

20 quotes by Mihai Eminescu. It is also applied with great success 169 years after its birth!

It was January 15, 1850, a Tuesday, when at 4:15 in the morning, in Botoșani, the seventh child (out of 11!) Of the Eminovici spouses, Gheorghe, was born, a housekeeper, that is, a royal governor whose order was to gather the gifts due to the possession of the innkeepers, and Raluca, born Jurașcu, daughter of a steward, the governor of the prince's court who took care of His Majesty's table. He was baptized Mihail on January 21. Mihail Eminovici.

He would become the greatest poet of the Romanian nation, luceafăr left too early among the celestial lights, at only 39 years old . Mihai Eminescu told him Iosif Vulcan, the owner of the magazine "Familia", in which Mihail made his debut in March 1866, he was 16 years old, with the poem "If I had". In that year, 5 more of his poems would appear in "Familia".

She had previously wounded her husband with a crossbow

Authorities initially thought it was a death from natural causes, but an autopsy indicated a fatal level of tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride in the body of the deceased, a substance intended to treat eye irritation, which is part of the ophthalmic solution.

Clayton, a nurse who claimed to be the victim of her husband's abuse, said she came up with the idea to use eye drops after seeing such a procedure in movies on TV.

In 2016, the woman had injured her husband with a crossbow, an act considered accidental at the time.

Recipes for children between 2 and 4 years old

Children aged 2-4 can become capricious and difficult to satisfy when it comes to nutrition. Consult our networks specially created for children aged 2-4 and provide your child with the care he or she needs.

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Kids love sweets, and this is no secret to parents. What adults don't know is that kids are.

Edamas are among the foods recommended for children, because they are full of minerals (iron, phosphorus, calcium, zinc.

Sweet cheese is easy to digest and very versatile, being suitable to be added to salty dishes.

Fish is also one of the healthiest foods. Among its most important benefits must be mentioned: it is the.

Potatoes are a favorite of children, especially in the form of puree or fried. Every mother can prepare their style.

Along with potatoes, rice is also one of the foods that are most easily accepted by children. Certainly.

The minced meat is very versatile and ideal to prepare many dishes for your child. Regardless of the type of.

Semolina is an ingredient that is suitable for cooking many dishes, salty or sweet. Get inspired by the article below.

When we think of summer, we can't help but associate it with watermelon. This is one of the most tasted fruits of.

Pasta salads are to the liking of the whole family and you can prepare them with the most varied ingredients. & Icircn the article below.

When we feel overwhelmed by the summer heat, all we want is to have a drink at home.


The company started in 1978 in Belgium as a family business, founded by Guy Somers. It designs, develops, produces and builds metal halls made of cold rolled steel. It is also present in every stage of production of industrial hall which he builds. From design to development and from transport to assembly. Prefabricated cold rolled steel constructions use 30% less steel, but are still solid and durable. For this reason the halls are easy to transport and install. Over 85% of the company's production is destined for export.

Frisomat has 14 international subsidiaries - Algeria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Slovakia, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, the Netherlands, Ukraine - and production plants in Belgium, Russia and Brazil. Our global distribution network is constantly growing. Through its international presence, Frisomat operates in over 100 countries, where it has completed over 35,000 metal hall projects.

In 1996, in Piatra Neamț, he was born Frisomat Romania. In time, the headquarters in Otopeni and Cluj Napoca will join the headquarters, covering the whole country. In the 25 years of activity, they have built over 850,000 m 2 of metal halls throughout the country.

Moldovan recipe: How to steal a billion and condemn your people to 25 years of poverty

Not a single leu has been recovered from the $ 1 billion bank fraud (13% of Moldova's GDP), and real investigations to recover the money and punish the guilty have not even begun.

The conclusion belongs to a group of experts from Transparency International - Moldova and IDIS "Viitorul", who published a report on developments in the financial-banking sector in Moldova between December 2016 and October 2017.

The false and populist counter

Shortly after the inauguration of the current Government, at the suggestion of Prime Minister Pavel Filip, a "meter" was installed on the website of the Ministry of Finance, which, according to the Prime Minister's promise, should show, in real time, how the embezzled money returns. banking system, following investigations. However, so far no leu has been recovered from the bank fraud at the end of 2014, the only money that appears on the prime minister's counter being those recovered from the sale of the assets of the three robbed banks as a result of two guarantees issued by the Leanca and Gaburici governments.

How did it happen?

Initially, 15 billion Moldovan lei (the equivalent of one billion dollars) were extracted from three banks. Under the pretext of "saving the savings of depositors", the Government secretly guaranteed the lending by the National Bank of the three banks looted with 14.1 billion lei - money taken from national reserves. In October 2016, the current Government turned the guarantee against the NBM into a state debt and put it on the backs of the citizens, who will return it in the next 25 years. They did this to unblock the relationship with the IMF. The looted banks are in the process of being liquidated, and the one about which the American detectives from "Kroll" write in the first report "Kroll-1" that he is "one of the beneficiaries, if not the only one", Ilan Shor, is free and manages public money from the mayoral chair of Orhei, even if he was sentenced to 7 years and 6 months in prison for a fraud of about 5 billion lei at the "Savings Bank".

The bill for bad and corrupt governance

Thus, until the conversion of guarantees into state debt, from the sale of the assets of the three robbed banks, between October 15, 2015 - October 4, 2016, 780 million lei were recovered. After October 4, 2016 (after the conversion of guarantees into state debt), 275 million lei reached the state budget, also from the sale of the assets of the three banks.

One year has passed since the transformation of the Government guarantees into state debt. At the beginning of October, Moldovans paid the first coupon from the debt placed by the Government on their backs - 50 million lei. And so they will pay annually for another 24 years plus the interest related to the bank guarantee offered by the Government of 670 million lei. For example, in 2018, they will redeem the next coupon of 210 million lei plus interest on the remaining amount. This is despite the fact that previously, the head of the Legislature, Andrian Candu, gave assurances that the citizens will not pay any money from the bank fraud. It would have been true if the 50 million paid this year were not accumulated from taxes and fees from citizens, but from the recovery of fraud.

Currently, the three robbed banks still have assets worth at most 1 billion Moldovan lei. These are to be sold and the money recovered to the budget. The process of recovering this billion (out of a total of 13.3 billion, converted into state debt) could take years.

They run away from Kroll and want to save their dirty money

For several years, the American company "Kroll" has been investigating the bank fraud of the century, produced in the Republic of Moldova. The first report presented by this company, prepared only on the basis of information provided by the National Bank of Moldova, revealed big and well-known names in the political and business environment in the Republic of Moldova. This week, the second report was to be made public with the foreign jurisdictions where the money was taken out of Moldova and with the recovery strategy. The long-awaited report is delayed, however.

Meanwhile, experts have noted several attempts by the government to create the legislative framework for legalizing money of dubious origin. There is a suspicion that the beneficiaries of the billion dollars stolen in 2014, now hunted by the "Kroll" in foreign jurisdictions, would try to bring the money back to Moldova, legalize it and put it in the shelter of the justice it controls - a proof in this sense being the fact that, locally, the investigation in the case of the robbery of the century practically did not move. This is even if the head of the National Anticorruption Center boasted from the rostrum of the Parliament that CNA knows much more about the theft of the billion and called the first report "Kroll" "fiction".

Moldova, waiting for the invasion of foreign "couriers" eager for Moldovan citizenship

Civil society, the IMF and the EU have succeeded in thwarting the government's first attempt to create the legal framework for legalizing dirty money with the state stamp of the Republic of Moldova. The second attempt, however, passed like lightning through Parliament and has already become law. In the first case, the draft law on capital amnesty was blocked - an initiative signed by the head of the Legislature, Andrian Candu, the son of PDM leader, oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc, who the press writes would currently control all state institutions in Moldova. The second attempt, which has already become law, aims at granting citizenship against investment. This allows foreign citizens to obtain the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova if they lend to the state 250 thousand euros. The law also sets a limit of 5,000 foreigners who can thus obtain Moldovan citizenship. "I do not rule out that the 5,000 couriers to come with a bag of 250 thousand euros each, to lend to the state of the Republic of Moldova, to get a Moldovan passport, and in 5 years, from the budget, to receive his money back plus the interest paid again by taxpayers Moldovans in good faith ", commented the former Minister of Finance, Veaceslav Negruța.

Exhausted after a 27-hour shift, he goes to another patient before bed

Aggarwal spends the night having permanent emergencies in the wards. Three of his patients died, including a young woman. While helping ATI, Agarwal sees a senior colleague. Both of their fathers were ill with Covid, but recovered. I'm kidding, and Aggarwal realizes it's the first time in a few weeks he's laughing. Only at 5.00 in the morning he manages to fall asleep, in the rest room at the Emergency.

A few hours later, when she wakes up with sleepy eyes, Vadhera, the elderly woman for whom no bed was found at ATI, died. Her nephew, Pulkit, is standing, while her body, wrapped in a white shroud, is loaded into an ambulance for cremation.

Two medical staff rest in front of a New Delhi hospital | Photo: EPA

Rohilla, the woman whose son had tried to hospitalize her in 15-20 hospitals before reaching Holy Family, will take her place in a corner of the Emergency Department, although she should have been at ATI as well.

Finally, after 27 hours, Aggarwal's tour ended. He is so exhausted that he wants to sleep the rest of the day, even the next. But he still has a task: a friend's father is ill and he asked Aggarwal for help.

It is one of the many calls he receives every day. In nine out of ten cases, he can't do anything, no matter how hard he tries. So he puts his mask on his face and turns back.

Mihai Apostolache, deputy at the age of 25

who committed suicide on the last day of his term in office. The minimum age that parliamentarians must be 23 years old to become a deputy and 33 years old to enter the Senate. The names of some very young people also appeared on the party lists for the Parliament elected on November 28 last year. Not even for 23 years, the youngest parliamentarian being the PSD deputy from Prahova Mihai Cristian Apostolache, who turned 25 on June 14, 2004. His party colleague, the deputy from Bacau Nicu Banicioiu, blows in the back of his head, being only three months older. The young Apostolache, on the other hand, received his first parliamentary term under not very pleasant auspices. His father, a parliamentarian with old states, PSD senator Victor Apostolache, decided to end his life on his last day as senator, last fall. His son, Mihai Apostolache, however, was part of the first leadership of the Chamber of Deputies, sitting in the presidium for the first two weeks of the new legislature, as secretary of the Permanent Bureau.

SPP made it difficult for the young deputies

Deputy Banicioiu was stopped at one point from entering the Chamber of Deputies. Not yet having the ID card, Banicioiu was & # 8222 sued & # 8221 by the sepepists from the entrance to the People's House. But he is proud that he will not have problems during his term, because he got used to managing himself during college. & # 8222I was a housekeeper for six years, I learned to cook, but my mother also washed my clothes. She gave me pocket money and gives it to me today, because I didn't have a salary yet. To be honest, I'm sorry that I don't live in the dormitory anymore, because nothing compares to the life in Regie & # 8221, the young deputy told us. Until he takes his place in the new Parliament, Banicioiu has another problem: he has a belly, which is why he started doing more sports. Unlike him, Mihai Apostolache can fully enjoy the many and cheap goodies from the Parliament's restaurant, because "I don't show how much I eat", he was proud. Mihai Apostolache also does a lot of sports, practicing basketball, football and tennis, so he doesn't have to worry about his figure. (Marina Dohi, Camelia stefan)

For the next four years there will be parliamentarians and old politicians, who have not cared about body weight for a long time. Liberal Radu Campeanu (photo), for example, is the senior dean of Parliament. Born on February 28, 1924, Campeanu is the oldest parliamentarian and is a well-known name in Romanian political life. His counterpart in the Chamber of Deputies is Aurel Vainer, the representative of the Jewish minority in Parliament. Vainer was born on January 10, 1932, and was appointed senior president of the House in the early days of this legislature.

Sue Ellen from the series "Dallas & # 8221 at almost 80 years old! The latest images

Linda Gray is the actress who became famous all over the world thanks to the role of Sue Ellen in the famous series “Dallas & # 8221, watched with all the heart by millions of Romanians. On September 12, the actress turned 80, but she does not betray her age at all.

It seems that the charm of the character was taken from the personality of the actress, as evidenced by all her public appearances. Most recently, the actress was photographed on the red carpet of the Monte-Carlo Television Festival.

Anca Țurcașiu, incendiary appearance at almost 51 years old

Last year, Anca Țurcașiu divorced the one who was with her for 22 years. The former couple has a son together, Radu Alexandru, aged 21, a student at the Faculty of Space Engineering in Bucharest.

However, the beautiful artist seems to have overcome the trauma of separation from doctor Cristian Georgescu and chose to spend a wonderful vacation in the Dominican Republic. The sea characterizes the star, she often chooses to spend her holidays where it is warm and good.

"I love the sea! Always. As a child, I used to go with my parents to Năvodari with the tent, which I set up on the beach. Three weeks. To wake up with the sea in our nostrils', wrote Anca, on Instagram some time ago.

With a beautiful and wide smile, Anca Țurcașiu posted on her Facebook account some photos in which she radiates happiness and enjoys the beach and the sun. Although she will soon be 51 years old, the beautiful singer chose to wear a two-piece swimsuit and a short, steamy dress that highlighted her impeccable body that can be envied by many women much younger than her.

The photos received numerous appreciations and positive comments, a sign that she is loved and still has the general public with her. The pandemic did not hinder her last summer, she was invited to the events of a luxury hotel on the seaside and more than that she holds personal development courses for teenagers.

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