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Gogosi "Little Chinese"


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The idea came to me when I made Silvia's "Petit chinois". I had my heads left and not wanting to throw them away, I fried them in oil. They were so good that I had to redo the recipe head to tail. :)

It took:

This time I didn't make mayo anymore, I put all the ingredients in the pan of the bread machine, at the kneading + leavening program.


We boil the milk. Mix the yolks well with sugar, until they become like a cream. Add the starch and mix gently, so that no lumps form. When the milk has boiled, slowly pour over the yolks, stirring constantly. Put it back in the bowl and boil the composition until it starts to thicken. Add the grated orange peel and vanilla essence. Let it cool.

We turn the dough on the floured table and spread it in a sheet of about 0.5 cm. Distribute the vanilla cream evenly and roll as tightly as possible. With a thread we will cut thin slices about 1 cm thick, which we will fry in very hot oil, on both sides, over low heat.

Remove on an absorbent towel and powder with sugar.