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Quince liqueur

Quince liqueur

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The quinces will be kept for 3-4 weeks after picking on a cupboard in the kitchen, so that they mature, turning yellow and developing their aroma;

The quinces well washed by the fluff on them (with the plastic brush), uncleaned from the peel and seeds, are cut into pieces and boiled in water to cover them well, until they soften (as for the pellet);

Then drain the water and boil the cinnamon and cloves in it for 10 minutes, then the juice is filtered through gauze with a layer of cotton wool on top (placed on a strainer);

Weigh the drained liquid and, when it is cold, mix 2 parts juice with one part 90 degree alcohol, adding 300-500 g of sugar for each liter of liquid (quince juice plus alcohol) and vanilla.